Win Xp Pro Key

Win Xp Pro Key

Before we begin I recommend you to Back up your Registry. Click on Start and then Run. In the text box in the Run window, type regedit and click OK.
win xp pro key

Retrieving and modifying the product key for Windows XP

Win Xp Pro Key

My CD key or unique identification doesn’t work Updated: This document is for users having trouble entering their CD key, product key, or unique identification and not for users who have lost their unique identification number. The unique identification number or CD key that comes included with the software or your computer should always work.

However, there are different reasons that can cause the number not to work, as mentioned below. Entering the wrong code If you are installing Windows and the code you are entering is not working, make sure it is the correct code. Use this code to install Windows on your computer. However, keep in mind that if your computer came shipped with Windows XP and you are trying to install Windows Vista, the code on your computer only works for Windows XP.

You would need to use the Windows Vista code that came with the software package. Below are some additional reasons a Microsoft Windows product key may not work. Each version of Windows has its own unique product key. An upgrade Windows product key is not going to work for a full version of Windows. Using the wrong character Make sure all the letters and numbers you are entering are correct.

Characters such as the capital letter “O” and the number “0” can be difficult to read, make sure you’re entering an “O” and not a zero if that is what needs to be entered. Other problem letters include a capital letter “i” that looks like a lowercase “l,” or a capital letter “l” that looks like the number “1.

Maximum installed copies As a form of protection many programs, especially games, only allow a few copies of the program to be installed. If you have shared the unique identification number with friends or installed the program onto multiple computers, you may have reached the maximum allowed copies that can be installed. Never share your unique number or software with your friends or family.

Code disabled Program is a pirated copy and using an invalid code or a disabled code. Downloading a program from the Internet or buying a program from an auction site such as eBay are two common ways a scammer may distribute pirated software.

If you have tried the above suggestions and are still unable to get the program to accept the CD key, the number has been disabled or was never a real number. Finally, you can contact the developer of the program to see if a new product key or CD key can be given over the phone.

However, if they decide you’ve purchased a pirated copy or have exceeded the maximum allowed installations they will not give you a new number. Additional information.

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Windows XP Product Key for Free 2019

Many factors can cause Windows validation to fail, including major hardware changes on the computer, corrupted licensing files, data entry error and installing a copy of Windows that is altered or pirated. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Windows validation site. Follow the instructions provided in the report that generates.


If you try these steps on OEM media or on retail media, you will not change the product key. This is necessary so that you can successfully enter the product key. If the installation media does not match the product key, you receive the following error message:

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This wikiHow teaches you how to bypass the trial version of Windows XP, either by using a stock product key or by using software to display. You CAN use a Windows 7/ key for 10 though. You can even just What are your tips to activate Windows XP without a genuine product key? Views. Describes how to change the product key for a Volume Licensing installation of Windows XP.

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Win Xp Pro Key

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