What Is Reviversoft

What Is Reviversoft

However, Registry Reviver removes the risk considerably with built-in safety precautions. It delivers the usual scan cleaning, full defrag registry optimization, and it evens lists the errors as 32 or 64 bit. Important Update: After our latest monthly evaluation, we are now recommending Wise Care as the leading optimizer. Please see all of the best PC optimizers from our latest comparison results.
what is reviversoft


What Is Reviversoft

Is MacReviver worth it? What is MacReviver? MacReviver is a Mac app that is designed and developed by ReviverSoft to maximize performance and stability of a Mac machine. The app claims it includes all of the essential tools to clean, optimize, and maintain a Mac. What differentiates MacReviver from other Mac cleaning and maintenance apps is that MacReviver also includes a bonus Anti-Theft feature that gives Mac users an extra layer of security against Mac theft.

Key benefits include: An interesting news I found while researching is that In September , ReviverSoft was acquired by Corel Corporation , a Canadian software company headquartered in Ottawa, specializing in graphics processing. Back to the question — is ReviverSoft MacReviver legit? Yes, it is.

More precisely, the company is now part of Corel. Is MacReviver safe? That means macOS Malware Detection does not report MacReviver as a malicious software or virus — in other words, the app is safe to use.

Here’s a screenshot of MacReviver 2. What’s In It for You? I’m reviewing the MacReviver app based on its main functions: I’ll break them down into smaller pieces so you could understand what each feature is used for. I’ll also share with you my personal takes. The Quick Menu The menu is like a status panel that you can look to get a quick understanding of how your Mac is performing.

More specifically, it shows you a few key indicators see below. At the bottom of the menu, it has a blue button “Show MacReviver” which allows you to launch the app. Macintosh HD: Processor load: The higher the percentage, the slower your Mac is going to respond to requests.

Memory pressure: Less available RAM is very likely causing your Mac to freeze up , especially when it is running heavy apps. My Opinion: It’s good that MacReviver integrates those features into one place that allows users to quickly understand their Mac performance.

For example, whether the CPU or Memory is running out wild, how much storage space is available to take, etc. Although all such information can be accessed separately, it’s more convenient to get it via the MacReviver Menu as it saves time. Security Anti-Theft: It allows you to find the location of your Mac, take pictures of the persons who use it, and collect information to retrieve your Mac.

Free Space Cleaner: The Security module seems useful as it includes three features as outlined above. However, if you have played around Macs and other Apple products for a while, you’ll notice that the functions of Anti-Theft are pretty much like Find My iPhone — a free app that tracks the location of your Apple devices including Mac machines.

But, since Apple has been pushing SSDs on its Mac product lines, the two features will be sort of outdated in the future. Check out this article , if you ever want to learn more by diving into the technical field. Cleaning Quick Cleanup: These files may take up much precious disk space to a point that slows down your Mac.

Duplicates Finder: Some of such files can also occupy much storage space on your Mac hard drive, thus they are usually safe to be removed. Files Finder: It saves time to locate it when you forget its path. The feature is also helpful when you need to find large files that take up hard drive space. Disk Usage: Folders in green color indicate they are taking the least space, while those in red color indicate they are taking the most space.

With the Undo feature, you can revert the action. My opinion: This is the module that I especially like, and I believe it is the core of the MacReviver app. Like the name “Cleaning” tells, all the features listed in this module aim to help you free up valuable disk space which can be very precious today as you store new pictures, videos, etc. Quick Cleanup can take care of Mac system junks, while other tools help you locate large unnecessary files and it’s up to you whether to keep or remove them.

The Undo feature is also so great that you don’t have to worry about any accidental or mis-operational actions. On the other side, I want to let you know that these cleaning features are not unique. Because you can find alternatives to almost each MacReviver feature and they are usually free. Optimization Startup Items: And you can disable those you don’t need in order to speed up Mac startup time. Default Application: For example, any photos are opened by Preview app by default; here you can change to open them via PhotoShop.

Battery Optimization: You can use this feature to set up battery usage profiles to maximize battery life. Also, you can check battery health with it. I like the Battery Optimization and Maintenance features as they are truly helpful to me, but not so much about Startup Items and Default Application because I can easily perform the tasks with the built-in utilities in macOS.

Once again, the main value of the Optimization module lies in its all-in-one-place concept, where you do various optimization tasks in one place without opting for different places or utilities. Common Questions Is MacReviver freeware?

No, it isn’t. Although it does have a free version that allows you to access certain features e. How can I get an active license code? You’ll have to purchase it. Once you buy it, you’ll receive an email instantly with the license key. You then click “Register Now” to activate all its features. How to disable MacReviver from Mac startup? This will prevent MacReviver from auto launching after your Mac starts. How to uninstall MacReviver? Open the app, on the left corner of your screen. Click on Help in the menu, then Uninstall.

In the new pop-up window, confirm “Uninstall” and follow the rest instructions to complete the uninstallation process. In general, I think MacReviver is worth it especially when you have an older Mac that is running out of space and or experiencing performance issues. Like I said in the beginning, the app will help speed up your Mac a bit, depending on your Mac situation. Meanwhile, the cleaning features are excellent in detecting and removing unnecessary files, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough storage to save your favorite photos.

On the other hand, be aware that MacReviver is like a toolbox that integrates a handful of tools into one place, and almost every feature can be achieved by other means which are often free of charge. That leaves us to conclude the main value of MacReviver is its convenience.

Don’t underestimate the time and efforts you’ll have to invest by exploring those free alternatives, and think about the feeling that you can just open MacReviver and get a task done fast. So, if you are a computer person who doesn’t mind digging into the tech stuff, then MacReviver is probably not for you. If you are new to Mac or you are not comfortable computers, MacReviver is a great app that brings value.

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Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\ReviverSoft\Registry Reviver\bzfomg.me Reviversoft Registry Reviver is registry cleaner, a class of third party software utility. About (from ReviverSoft). PC Reviver is a multi-purpose utility that will diagnose errors on your PC, safely repair them, and provide other maintenance and. ReviverSoft was founded to provide trusted resources to help you repair, optimize and maintain your computer for optimum performance. We inv.

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Is MacReviver worth it? What is MacReviver? MacReviver is a Mac app that is designed and developed by ReviverSoft to maximize performance and stability of a Mac machine.

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We are sorry for the inconvenience. Click on OK to terminate the program. ReviverSoft Smart Monitor Service has stopped working.

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bzfomg.me is a type of EXE file associated with Reviversoft Driver Reviver developed by ReviverSoft LLC for the Windows Operating System. The latest. ReviverSoft is a software development company that produces computer maintenance and registry repair tools. Produced by Reviversoft, this free software seems to mostly be a way to encourage people to purchase the company’s Registry Reviver registry.

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What Is Reviversoft

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