Vocalign Project 3 Download

Vocalign Project 3 Download

Do you want perfectly aligned vocals? Then get VocALign! It’s that simple. Pros Extraordinarily tight alignment.
vocalign project 3 download

Nuendo with VocALign Project 3

Vocalign Project 3 Download

Do you want perfectly aligned vocals? Then get VocALign! It’s that simple. Pros Extraordinarily tight alignment. A huge time saver. Much better results than manual editing. Cons It’s a very specialist plug-in. Can be fiddly on complex arrangements. It freed the actor from trying hard to lip-sync, enabling them to focus on expression, safe in the knowledge that VocALign would tighten words to the action afterwards.

Application in the music world was clear: What VocALign actually does is a simple trick that, as any audio professional will tell you, it is very adept at, and it can save hours – if not days – of tedious manual work. The old-school alternative is to either do take after take until the vocal timing is tight, or to laboriously edit the backing vocal tracks, cutting up words and stretching single consonants into time with the lead, or more likely a lot of both.

VocALign takes two audio signals: As we said, VocALign needs two signals to work its magic: To achieve this, a VocALign instance is inserted on the dub channel. You’d then play the section to be aligned with the Capture Audio button engaged.

When the transport is stopped, the two waveforms will appear in their respective windows and after hitting Edit, a visual representation of the alignment is traced over the guide. Play the section again to hear the resultant aligned track instead of the original. Once you’re happy, you can bounce the aligned dub signal onto a fresh track using Cubase’s mixdown functions.

Magic bullet It performs the alignment process in seconds and the results are astonishingly good. Compare this to the hours it can take to edit parts into line by hand – even then, the results are often a tad out of focus! If time is money, you would recoup your investment in a matter of weeks. The process of aligning multiple backing vocals is simply a matter of keeping the lead vocal guide track intact and feeding each dub track for that section one by one.

Vocals aren’t the only thing it works on. Anything that’s doubled and needs to be aligned is a candidate, such as guitars, strings and more. To sum up, VocALign may seem like an expensive one-trick pony, but what a trick it is! If you’re a rap producer and crave punchy Dre doubles, or if you’re big on vocal arrangements and want the power and focus of a tight vocal section, here’s the perfect solution.

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Discover the secret behind incredibly tight vocal arrangements.

If you already have a valid licence, you can download and run the latest version of VocALign Project 3 VST 3 Plug-in for Microsoft Windows by clicking the button . Latest Version. If you already have a valid licence, you can download and run the latest version of VocALign Project 3 for Apple Mac by clicking the button below. FL Studio with VocALign Project 3 VocALign Project 3 – Overview and Demos. Read what VocALign Project 3 can do for you Download / Trial / User Manual.

Cubase with VocALign Project 3

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the correct products are ordered. This product is a digital download. You will receive your authorization serial number by email. You can easly transfer your authorization with your iLok between systems. Upgrades are available for owners of older versions of VocALign Project.

VST3 for all

Foreign language dialogue Sound effects VocALign’s unique ability to align two signals enables it to be used creatively to take guide or even “”live”” tracks and create performances with perfectly aligned overdubs. This outstanding software gives users perfectly aligned double-tracked vocals, tight backing vocals, easy re-grooving of recorded vocals for remixing and shorter overdub sessions. Users also have the ability to choose the best rhythm and pace for a specific vocal, or even lay down the required tempo pattern for the artist.

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You will receive an e-mail with an authorization code as well as download Synchro Art VocALign Project 3 Audio-alignment Plug-in Features at a Glance. Get 40% off VocALign Pro 4 and VocALign Project 3 now! Special offer with Synchro Arts. Available for a limited time. Synchro Arts VocALign Project (ESD); alignment plugin; automatically align two audio signals so that the timing of one matches the other; simple and intuitive.

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Vocalign Project 3 Download

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