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Safely and easily run a second operating system as a virtual machine VM on a single PC without affecting your main desktop environment and without rebooting. The Perfect Tool for Learning The isolation and sandbox capabilities of VMware Workstation Player make it the perfect tool to help you learn about operating systems, applications and how they work. Run restricted VMs that are encrypted and password-protected to ensure only authorized users can interact with corporate data. A Secure and Isolated Environment Run a secure second desktop with different privacy settings, tools and networking configurations to keep your host system safe and secure while browsing online. A simple user interface provides a streamlined approach and enables more focused use cases.
vmware workstation player pro

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Major Geeks Special Offer: Used by MajorGeeks to test software safely. Use and bit Windows, Linux, NetWare, or Solaris x86 operating systems side-by-side, without rebooting or partitioning your hard drive. VMware Workstation Player Features: Leverage 2-way Virtual SMP: Users can run virtual machines with multiple CPUs to experience improved performance when working with multi-threaded, resource-intensive software.

Use 3rd-party virtual machines and images: In this process, the initial virtual machine or image is left untouched in its native format and any modifications are saved in a much smaller formatted file that is linked to the initial image.

Share data between host computer and virtual machine: Copy text and files between the virtual machine and the host PC. Drag and drop files between a Windows host PC and a Windows virtual machine. Or, enable Shared Folders on your host computer to seamlessly access data. Broad host and guest operating system support: Support for USB 2.

Use peripherals that require high-speed performance in your VMs, such as MP3 Players and fast storage devices. Get appliance info at start-up: Start a virtual appliance in the appliance view to review brief description and other relevant information provided by the appliance author. Gain easy access to virtual machines via intuitive home page interface: Leverage an intuitive home page interface that lets you open existing virtual machines or browse the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace to download any of the over virtual appliances.

Virtual appliances are pre-built, pre-configured and ready-to-run enterprise software applications packaged along with an operating system within virtual machines. Free version valid only for a single PC. You are required to enter a license key into the user interface to enable the VMware Player Plus features if desired.

Workstation Player

A Commercial License can be applied to enable Workstation Player to run Restricted Virtual Machines created by VMware Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro. VMware Workstation Player for Windows bit Operating Systems. (exe | MB). Show Details. Download. VMware Workstation Player for. VMware Workstation Player is a streamlined desktop virtualization application that Run restricted virtual machines created by Workstation Pro or Fusion Pro.

Build and Test for any platform with VMware Workstation

Change Log There are numerous virtual environment provides on the market today, some put ease of use above functionality, other place integration above stability. VMware Workstation Pro is the easiest to use, the fastest and the most reliable app when it comes to evaluating a new OS, or new software apps and patches, in an isolated and safe virtualized environment. Key Features include:

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Does Workstation 15 Player still support bit operating systems? While Workstation 15 Player requires a 64 bit operating system on the host PC you can still run your favorite bit Windows and Linux guest operating systems inside a virtual machine on Workstation 15 Player. Technology Guarantee Program Can I qualify for a free upgrade?

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VMware Workstation Player for Windows bit Operating Systems. (exe | MB). Show Details. Download. VMware Workstation Player for. VM Player runs a virtual instance, but can’t create the vm. [Edit: Now it can.] Workstation allows for the creation and administration of virtual machines. If you have. Notice: we recommend using VMware Workstation Pro in our guide. But there is also VMware Workstation Player: it is cheaper, but has limited functionality.

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