Folder Guard Free Download

Folder Guard Free Download

Folder Guard is a powerful computer security program that you can use to control access to files, folders, and other Windows resources. You can use Folder Guard to lock your personal files and folders with passwords, to stop other users from peeking into your records. You can even completely hide your private folders from virtually all applications, and such folders would remain invisible until you enter a valid password.
folder guard free download

Folder Guard 18.7.0 + License Key (Latest Version)

Folder Guard Free Download

Folder Guard is a computer security program that lets you restrict access to various computer resources. If you share your computer with others, you can use Folder Guard to stop other users from opening your personal files, or you can completely hide your files until a password is entered. You can also protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel and applications, and more.

Does it do what it promises? Reviewer 1: After installing and using the product, I went back to the Website and reread the description of what the program promises to do. It does indeed do what it promises to do. Reviewer 2: Reviewer 3: It restricts access to the folders of your choice to keep others from tampering with files. It makes folders secure and even invisible if you wish. Reviewer 4: Reviewer 6: Folder Guard allows you to protect files and folders, restrict access to the Control Panel and other system resources, and prevent users of your computer from making changes to important system files.

You can also block the downloading and installation of programs, restrict access to floppy or other removable drives and use other fine-tuning tools such as filters to customize access in multiple ways. Reviewer 7: Was it easy to install? I had no problem with installation. The prompts were typical and intuitive. After the initial installation process and before the application goes into the configuration, I was prompted to create an emergency Recovery Utility.

This file will help you to reset a protected folder by resetting your forgotten password. The Quick Start Wizard is then started. You are directed to Browse for a folder or to create a new one and then to assign a password or not. Yes, I had no problems with installation.

Installation was smooth. There were no glitches. Reviewer 5: Yes; a standard Windows install using the Installation Wizard. It is small 1. Installation was straightforward and I was able to specify the location, shortcuts and other program parameters. I have a tendency to dislike software that makes assumptions and insists on placing itself in my startup folder or dumping shortcuts here and there. Folder Guard was properly respectful of my wishes, and went where I told it.

Yes, the program was straightforward to install, but more importantly, it includes a comprehensive and superbly-designed Quick Start Wizard to guide and protect the user during initial setup and deployment. Good points Reviewer 1: Its best point, and probably most important, is that it seems to be very secure. I then tried every way I could think of to get into that folder, move it, delete it, copy it or otherwise compromise its security.

I could not get into it at all. I would feel reasonably sure that anyone who does not know the password would not be able to get into a protected file or folder.

I also found it easy to use. After the password wizard is run and you are ready to shut down the system, you will be prompted to have the application test the integrity of the protection. Folder Guard allows you to choose the level of security you place on your files, from password protection to making the folders and files invisible to unwanted snoops. It is very user-friendly and powerful. It opens with a step-by-step wizard that explains exactly how to use the program. Allows files, folders and drives to be hidden or restricted from other users on shared computers and across networks.

This software can be used to mask signs of its own existence on your system. When running in this mode, it can be revealed and run by keyboard entry of a hotkey combination which the user selects. The wizard and interface are clear. This is an excellent program. I am certain the actual coding behind Folder Guard is very complicated, but its operation is simple. And what it does is something many people wished they had at one time or another: No one can see it, much less go browsing into it.

You can hide some files and keep other files in the same folder visible, set up access rights using wildcards, or make files accessible to only some programs and not accessible to the rest of the application. For those users of Windows 98, 98SE, or ME, all of which do not support file security, you can use Folder Guard to keep your important files and documents protected from unauthorized use. Minimally, you can add no passwords to the program.

At the other end of the spectrum, you can password-protect the Folder Guard program, the Master user, and then lock accessibility and visibility to those same files and folders.

The first thing that I wish to comment on does not really have much to do with the actual operation of the program, but the way that the Folder Guard people introduce you to the program. There is even a recommendation to do a backup before trying out any new software, including Folder Guard. In the same vein, in order to get yourself out of potential serious difficulty, you are encouraged to set yourself up with an Emergency Recovery procedure, either on another location of your hard drive, or a floppy disk or both.

And if ever these do not work, you can use an Emergency Recovery Utility free download from their web-site to get yourself out of trouble. I also like the layout of the Users Guide. At the very beginning, you are given a link to make sure that you are using the most recent version of the Users Guide. Right underneath are hyperlinks to all the items in the Guide, as well as the usual left-pane booklets with plus signs beside them.

The guide is very well designed and easy to use, with many graphics included to step the user through unfamiliar areas of the program. You can also find additional help on the Website itself. To get you started, there is a Quick Start Wizard. You should, or course, test Folder Guard out on a specially created Test folder, before committing any important data or programs to The Guard.

You can use this wizard at any time to set up other folders or system resources and it does work very well. Print those few pages, and go through the steps outlined there. This is not to criticize the Wizard, which is, like all other aspects of this program, very well designed. If you are just a bit unsure of things, and take the warnings to be careful to heart, doing this just once will give you the confidence to use all the other excellent tools offered in this program.

Adding a Table of Contents and an Index would make it perfect! Comprehensive, well-designed User-Interface, in particular the Quick Start Wizard which describes the options and leads the user through setup of the initial protections. And also, very wisely, an Emergency Recovery Utility provided to rescue users who paint themselves in a corner, as MANY no doubt will, given the power it puts into the hands of PC users.

It also provides extensive safeguards to protect itself from intrusion or modification. Outstanding Website design, everything I wanted to know or find out about the program: Weak points Reviewer 1: The program allowed me to enter a single-digit number as the primary password.

While this may make it convenient for the user to just remember that one digit, it is also a compromise in security.

A more stringent minimum requirement should be in place regarding password choice, preferably a requirement that there be a minimum of 6 characters, at least one letter and at least one number, and case sensitive. I find this to be a nice gesture, especially when someone who has just replaced a hard drive or a whole computer is probably feeling a little stressed at the time.

Instead, Folder Guard offers to supply a replacement registration code, but they will charge the user for this service. Of course it is entirely within their rights to do that, and the user should have kept track of it in the first place; but, I would just like to see the replacement code given as a sign of goodwill and good customer service at no extra charge. When you manually start Folder Guard Pro, there is no visible activity indicating that the program is even running.

It takes a couple of seconds before you are aware that, in fact, things are working. It is a bit unnerving. After the installation, the user is prompted with a number of warnings. One wonders what one is getting into and do we really want to set up this type of scheme.

One area which was a bit nerve-racking are the terms used throughout. I had to reread carefully what was being described. I was unsure of some of the terminology. Folder Guard is not active in safe mode, which makes your files accessible in that case; but, the person would have to be specifically looking for your protected files. For this reason, I would not recommend it for very sensitive or professional secret data.

Unless a special procedure, which has to be specially requested from the company, is followed, all protection is removed by rebooting in safe mode. When running in evaluation mode before purchasing a license the protection can be removed by running the emergency utility which is freely downloadable from the website.

This is fully disclosed. Once a license is purchased, the utility is more secure since it can only be used if the license key is correctly entered. When using the Wizard to select folders to mask, I changed my mind about a folder which I had selected but had not finalized. To my surprise, this did not undo the original selection.

Fortunately, this was evident on the standard interface and was easily corrected.

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Download Folder Guard for Windows now from Softonic: % safe and virus free. More than downloads this month. Download Folder Guard latest version . If you’re connected to a public network (wireless or LAN), it is possible that people who connected to the same network can access the. Download Folder Guard for free. Folder Guard lets you control access to files, folders, and other Windows resources.

Why choose Folder Guard?

Restrict Internet Explorer from downloading programs from the Internet Folder Guard protects your files without encrypting them. There is no risk of losing your documents if you lose your encryption key: Folder Guard lets you quickly enable or disable the protection via a “hot key” You can choose a specific keyboard combination as your Folder Guard hot key, and quickly enable or disable protection of your computer. Of course, the hot key is protected with your password, so only you can use it!

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Folder Guard is a computer security program that lets you restrict access to various computer resources. If you share your computer with others, you can use Folder Guard to stop other users from opening your personal files, or you can completely hide your files until a password is entered. You can also protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable access to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel and applications, and more.

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Download Folder Protection for Windows 7. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in Folder Guard full version free download update edition for Windows 10, Windows 8, , 7, Vista, XP 32bit 64bit – x86 x Download Shareware ( MB). Windows , Windows XP, English. Folder Guard Professional is a software that prevents other computer.

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Folder Guard Free Download

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