Camtasia Studio Youtube

Camtasia Studio Youtube

Kevin P. You used to have to use two applications to work with it one to record and one to edit , the editing tools were cumbersome, and the exporting process was less than desirable. Camtasia is not cheap.
camtasia studio youtube

Camtasia Tutorials

Camtasia Studio Youtube

Kevin P. You used to have to use two applications to work with it one to record and one to edit , the editing tools were cumbersome, and the exporting process was less than desirable. Camtasia is not cheap. Techsmith is really the only company out there really putting the time into creating a full fledged screen recording application for Windows. Camtasia is really the only application out there on windows that does that.

What ended up happening is that you would have a single or in my case multiple screen records, that you would then have to import into Camtasia Studio to begin editing with. They process was not only……. Now with Camtasia Studio Techsmith has added new customizable intros, outros, and lower thirds forty six in total.

This is a pretty big deal, as it now lets you create a more…. THEMING With the new assets, comes the ability to take what has been given to you, alter it, and save it out as new elements, to create different and unique looks for openings, lower thirds and extros. I also managed to track down the current version history for , which lists the short form features and major bug fixes of Camtasia Studio New Library — Save frequently used assets, effects, and media. Theming — Create themes with colors and fonts and apply to assets and effects.

Additional customizable and stock video assets. Editor performance improvements for preview playback and timeline edits. Production engine improvements for faster export. New Behaviors Explode and Fly In. Fixed clip speed not working with decimals in German. Fixed incorrect color when annotation saved to library. Fixed issue with parsing file names for batch production. Other Bug fixes and improvements. So as you can see, there are a few other features listed in there, that are not listed on the man Camtasia Studio webpage.

Now these are just the new features of Camtasia Studio For me, the biggest feature update since my last use of Camtasia Studio is the combining of the record and editing features. Big high five for that! Now keep in mind that inside the Annotation category you have a bunch of elements to work with including: Transitions Fairly self explanatory. Use transitions at the start, middle and end of a clip to move between two shots, or to start or end your piece.

Behaviors Added in version 9 of Camtasia, Behaviors are used to liven up text or media with pre-determined animation presets. These are simply drag, drop, hit play and see the end result. Animations This is really the core of your workflow.

Interactivity Camtasia Studio also gives you the ability to add elements like Quizzes or unscored surveys to your presentations, and these are completely interactive assuming you are going to host your presentation on Screencast. Here were some of the ones I found while giving it a whirl.

Techsmith is going deep with their training offering, to give their users based, that shelled out their hard earned money, a good foundation to get them rolling, and techniques and tips they can use to make their training stand out from the rest.

Now, with all that being said, sometimes finding the exact training you need to find quickly and easily is just not that, quick and easy, when it comes to finding it on YouTube. Well, Techsmith has streamlined the learning process on their website by organizing their training simple, yet concise, so you can find what you need as quickly as possible. Starting with five tutorials to get you going, you can then branch off from there to cover more advanced techniques, so you have a good foundation, before you jump over to the YouTube channel.

Also, It would be great to be able to use the up and down arrow keys to move back and forth between edits, as opposed to having to drag the timebar back and forth. I had Camtasia 8 on my system, and threw together a simple project that was 10 minutes long in both CS8 and in Camtasia Studio to see how much of a performance difference there would be in exporting rendering out my simple project.

Believe it or not, Camtasia Studio performed worse than CS8. Camtasia Studio took 3: CS8 took 3: This was very surprising, and a little disappointing, not so much from the standpoint of how long it took, since I really could care less. Keep in mind that this might have been removed in version 9, but either way, the fact that it has been taken out is a HUGE mistake.

So it looks as though there are a lot of negative things to say about Camtasia Studio , but to look at the negatives only is doing Camtasia Studio a HUGE disservice.

For me, the biggest issue I ran into was the lag issue. Having this back would be helpful. The other issues are just minor bug issues that might very well be resolved by the time you read this review. So, should you buy it? YES, you should absolutely purchase Camtasia Studio Those two systems can be both a Mac and a PC if you want, and you even have the ability to move projects back and forth, quickly and easily!

Want to give Camtasia Studio a whirl on either Mac or Windows? You can download a 30 day free trial at this link. FTC Disclosure I have received no financial compensation from Techsmith for the production of this review. Opinions in this article, whether you agree with them or not, are my own!

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Camtasia Review

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This Camtasia review has been revamped for freshness and accuracy. TechSmith has finally changed the naming system of Camtasia for consistency.

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Camtasia Studio Youtube

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